Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

60 Day Crow Challenge

It was suggested that I should start a 60 day challenge since I couldn't find one that was theme specific (thank you Jody Lund) I will be drawing Crows and Ravens (Corvus sp.). 

How many of you would like to participate with me in a 60 day bird/crow challenge, this means one bird/crow a day for 60 days.

The birds/crows can be drawn, painted, stitched, sculpted (if you are so inclined), digitally manipulated OR you can write about birds/crows everyday for 60 days.  Interested?

If I get 10 or more peeps interested I will start a facebook group for the challenge.  I will be starting tomorrow as I am getting ready for an Open Studio Tour, October 4th, and want to have some fresh birds to offer up for the tour.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP More Black Birds

More crow panels in progress (Black Birds in Tree Stencil), when the paint dries I will be adding more layers and see where this leads.

I'm currently taking an online course on making my own fonts by hand, this is not like any calligraphy course I've ever taken, and hope that some of these designs make it into my artwork and soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Estate Sale Find

A bunch of vintage hand made necklaces that will be re-purposed for use in my bead projects.  The big blackish beads are a type of nut native to Hawaii.

The green bits is some sort of Lucite type material

I was thrilled to find these vintage cake decorations for fifty cents!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Stenciling on natural dyed (tea and coffee) fabric.

I'm using purple and yellow acrylic paints and a stencil brush.

This while waiting for the screen printing supplies to arrive.  The bulb in my thermofax machine died and is no longer available, so on the advice of some trusted artist friends I've purchased Jacquards drawing fluid and filler to make silk screen designs.  The upside to this is I'll have large screens for screen printing natural dyes onto the cloth.

Black Birds in Trees

Working on some Crow Cards this afternoon using my Black Birds in Tree Stencil.

The orange mat is a non-slip artist map, unfortunately there is no label on the mat so I have no idea where it came from.

I started out with a piece of painted timtex that was painted by Seta Color Fabric Paints.  I will be adding some oil bar, ink, and other yummies next, and then it's time for some stitching.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

WIP Dusk at the Marsh

I am working on a stitched story piece about one of my favorite local marshes and my stencil Black Birds in Tree are the main focus in this new series.  The marshes, Cooper's Marsh & Larson's Marsh, which is just a few miles east of Ames, Iowa, are surrounded by farmland.  

Seta Color Fabric paint on cotton fabric, I painted this fabric using a salt technique sometime around 2004/05. The orange piece is a non-slip gripping pad that holds the fabric in place while I surface the fabric.

I should be able to get four smaller pieces out of the larger piece of fabric, the piece directly above this photo.

For the purple stenciled areas I'm using Galleria thick body paint as it is less inclined to bleed. I applied the paint using a stencil brush and very thin layers of paint building the image up onto the fabric, why yes my hand is sore now!

Finished, the stencil did stick to the fabric, where it came into contact with the wet paint that soon dried.

I have to admit this is my all time favorite stencil in my series!  I will probably leave this particular piece of fabric as is for the moment and work on the other three pieces.  I am toying with using my inverse stencil on one of the pieces, more to come!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Circles and Computers

I've been dealing with computer issues the past several days, to the point that when the dsl mysteriously shut off last night at 9pm I started to feel as if I was a dog chasing it's own tail!

So while grousing about all of the computer issues and my dislike of Centurylink, our internet provider, I painted some circles onto painted timtex with acrylic inks and paints.

It took three plus hours on the phone this afternoon, with Centurylink, to get the whole mess sorted out but as you can see we now have internet service again.

And I painted three small panels with circles, and this piece of watercolor paper also saw some circles.

Probably the most interesting accomplishment was the three thousand word short story I wrote up while waiting on the phone with Centurylink!  I'll rewrite it this week, give it a good polishing, and post it to my blog sometime next weekend.  It's a modern take on a mythological story.