Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This and That No.

She has a face, now to apply ribbon etc to the bonnet - who puts a bonnet on a cat?
Finally some color! No where near done yet though! Now for more stitching, cats need hair right? Some beads, cordings, attach the crown, buttons, ribbons and more.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Flu

I've been out the past couple of days with the flu, today's goal is to not go to bed before 9 pm, we'll see.


I haven't posted for a few days we've both been down with the stomach flu here - I guess which is also known as the norovirus. No pictures of that - Praise God right!!! Will post some pictures tomorrow of my newest plant baby additions to the family - two lovely spider plants.

Until then here's my aunt's xmas present I've been working on and should have had done by now, it's NO where near being finished


Angel asleep next to my feet in my studio, so I started to take her picture and...

She figured out I was taking her photo, here she's getting up to bolt the room. She wouldn't come back NOT even for a cookie! You know my feelings really oughta be hurt but after five years I'm used to it now.

This and That No. 3 in progress

It's stitched to a base, with quilt batting in between, of pink gingham fabric and its more of a rose color actually. The pom pom trim is sewn onto the bottom and it's now ready for embellishing. Buttons, beads, ribbons, glitter and maybe even a few suprises - been wanting to make some more paper beads.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blogs and Valentines

I'm not happy with the way this blog looks my old template suddenly vanished and I'm not sure why??? So I will be working on some changes hopefully for the better.

I've decided that making valentines on Christmas was a good way to relax. Will share pictures later.

This and That No. 3

This and That No. 3

This and That No. 2. In Progress. The piece is now ready for additional stitching and embellishments.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rusted Silk

Rusted Silk Constructed Cloth

Envy... Green with Envy

by SweetScarlett

Oh Quilt Where are Thou?

Somewhere in this pile of fabrics is my new Prairie Pothole Series, to supplement my large selection of compost dyed, natural dyed, and rust dyed fabrics is a bag of natural dyed silk carrier rods dyed in rich vibrant red violets, deepest golden, mysterious purple and palest pink!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pink Pin Cushion

This pin cushion is living with Lynn now. The top fabric is cochineal dyed silk velvet with cochineal dyed rayon trim and two vintage buttons. The backing fabric is painted silk dupioni fabric the whole thing has been stuffed with merino wool - the super wash variety.

Back of Faerie

Here is a view of the back side.

Water Nymph

I just realized that I never posted a picture of Lynn's faerie here - I think I'm becoming addle brained or something - most probably it's middle age setting in.

Prairie Potholes

I'll have to post pictures next week on the results but I've finally be able to break past the circle thing - well sorta. Anyway more next week on this series, maybe I'll even get into the wet studio??? Here's a sneak preview of what's on the docet for this new 12 panel series.

Pin Cushions

I'm on a pin cushion jag again, I've been making some for my aunt for christmas!!! This one is in progress still. I need to work on my closing stitching I think I will reopen the stuffing side and restitch it shut. Afterwards I'll put some beads along the sides and a button in the middle. I decided to go with a simple tuxedo look with this particular piece. The fabric was a gift from my A. Sondra - I believe it's upholstry fabric.

Christmas Tree

View from a different angle, the tree is a little pathetic looking at the moment ;-)

It's halfway decorated, I need to go to the attic and get more ornamets etc., this will have to wait until John gets home from work as there's a squirrel that lives up there and she thinks it's her territory! We name the squirrel trouble and NO she's not a pet!!!

Somewhere in this house is a large damask table cloth when I find it I'll put it under the quilt - Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern, it's probably 50 years or more old, all hand stitched and hand quilted. As you can see we did get my mother's china cabinet in the house, yeah, now John needs to fix the shelves so I can put my mother's china into the cabinet.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freezing Rain

Well it looks like we will be getting some ice after all, I was hoping it would stay to the south and we'd only get snow. Oh and we may still get 9 inches of snow on top of this mess. Here's a picture from the previous snow storm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prairie Potholes No. 19

I need to hang this piece up and get a better photo of it I may add some sheer dots to it still.
5x7 inches - December 2008

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Made an apple pie tonight using up some granny smith apples - it was tart and way yummy! As you can see there's not much left of it now.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Frame or not to Frame

I’ve noticed a rush to stretch quilts around stretcher bars/frames of late and am seeing a good many of these go up for sale on Not all pieces are meant to be stretched, maybe it needs to be matted and framed, maybe the piece needs a shadow box, or MAYBE it actually needs a sleeve sewn to the back and hung on the wall like a traditional wall quilt.

What I am noticing is a bunch of quilts that have been stretched and it does more to detract from the piece than it does to help it. I remember my screenprinting professor, Tim McIllrath, coming unhinged at one student who stretched what “was” a lovely hand stitched screen printed piece, unfortunately it distorted the stitching – which is something I’m seeing in a lot of pieces, and when the student removed it from the frame the damage had been done and was fairly permanent.

When deciding how to finish a piece one must really step back from their baby and ask themselves does this piece stand on it’s own merits with or without a border/matt? How will stretching this piece affect/effect the stitching, pattern, piecing, embellishments, etc?

There is no easy answer to this dilemma expect to experiment with scraps, stitching techniques etc. this will give you your answer. It is, however, very disconcerting to see what would otherwise be a gorgeous piece stretched around stretcher bars and I suspect the artist doing so believes that the pieces will sell better in doing so – and this couldn’t be further from the truth especially if you are looking for collectors for your works.

Also sometimes a piece simply needs a large plexi frame, this would include the sides, expensive yes but your beloved creation may find a home much sooner in doing so.

Apple - Rome

Beans to Soak or not to Soak

I didn't soak the red beans for the Red Bean Soup but did soak them for the Black Bean Soup, the consensus is next time soak the beans! Also I will leave out the ham flavoring the next time I make Red Bean Soup. NOTE: I've heard that adding salt to the soaking beans prevents them from softening properly I don't know if this is true or not.

Tonights Menu

Black bean soup most excellent on a cold snowy day.

John's bowl of black bean soup, over corn bread.

Cranberry Applesauce over corn bread, this is royally delicious!

Black Bean Soup with fresh hot Corn Bread and Cranberry Applesauce.