Friday, April 07, 2006

Exercise Hell

I went shopping, my first mistake, for exercise clothes. I've come to the conclusion that obesity in America is a myth that needs to be perpetuated so that we can have someone to discriminate against.

If it were truly at epidemic proportions as the news claims it is, then there would be more in the way of exercise clothes for fat people. That's right I used that word, FAT!!!

I'm fat, and I can't find a lick of exercise clothing that'll fit me, and by standards of fat I'm not as fat as some, but more fat than others. In order to wear the exercise gear I'm finding at Target, and the sports stores in town, I'd have to loose a hundred pounds, but by then I wouldn't be fat anymore, I'd be what is considered normal wieght for my height and age.

From what I looked at today only skinny people have the right to have comfortable clothes when exercising.

I'm wondering are these companies embarrassed by fat people?

Do they believe that only skinny people have the rights to feel good when exercising???

Personally I'm tired of wearing my jeans to work out in, it's still too cool in central Iowa to wear shorts outside.

So I'm proposing a campaign here: I want all the fat people who read this to write the various sports clothing producers and complain.

And I really mean complain.

Tell them you want exercise clothing in your size that fits correctly. Maybe there wouldn't be an obesity epidemic if we had incentives to lose weight, starting with proper fitting clothes and shoes! And if they don't see a problem then maybe it really is a myth after all and I'm sol on finding exercise clothes that fit.

Signed - your local fat quilter who doesn't want to be as fat anymore.


Anonymous said...

It is so irritating that many of the retailers only carry clothes for a limited size range -- anyone outside of that size range can be hard pressed to find clothes. I don't know what size you are, but Land's End (which has an online store) has activewear for sizes up to 3X, and I have usually had good luck with their workout clothes. Lane Bryant (also with an online store) carries activewear in a variety of larger sizes. Where do you buy jeans? Do they have sweat pants there? Lots of regular clothiers carry sweat pants or stretch pants which can be good workout wear, depending on what you do.

The US is a profoundly fat-phobic society, with deeply prejudiced feelings about fat people. They are ignored, marginalized, castigated, morally impugned, and generally put-down. Not finding clothes that fit is only the tip of the iceberg.

Shawna from Yellowknife said...

Go and check out

They have great exercising cloths. Penningtons has great cloths too.

It is very frustrating I know, but there are options.