Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rust & Clay Dyeing Book

It's done and out the door. It took two of us to finally figure out the reason behind the video snaffu. But FINALLY it's on it's way.

My husband gave me a high compliment, as he was burning cd/dvd's he said it looked really nice.

This coming from a man who is impressed by nothing!!!

Anyway I have a total of four video clips on the CD Book, each clip discusses one technique, the ones that I'm asked about most frequently. You can purchase the book here at Rust & Clay Dyeing Book


Karoda said...

Congrats Kim...this is on my list and hopefully over the summer or early fall I'll be able to get it!

Anonymous said...

You have a typo in the title of your book

k baxter packwood said...

Thank you for pointing that one out, I'll fix that soon.

This cover is the second addition, I was printing the original covers and it was way to purple so I redid the cover. Oh boy I did a good one didn't I, geeze whiz. Well it was only 35 covers, I can send a new cover to the new owners.

Thanks again, this'll learn me to redo a book cover when I'm half dead from food poisoning.