Monday, February 12, 2007

The New Blogger

I really hate the new blogger, I have less control over my own blog now. I don't know whoever thought this up but... We'll start with the two sets of login user names and login passwords and end with my being able to publish my blog when I want to, not when someone else thinks it's good for me.

So in a few weeks, when the dust settles down over here I will be moving my blogs to the land of oh yeah Hey I get to control the content and style!


LoieJ said...

The new blogger is working fine for me because I like the label feature. Since I don't do HTML, etc, there are things that it does FOR me that I didn't bother with in old blogger.

The double sign in thing seems to be the result of some people still being on old blogger and some on new blogger.

It has messed up the identities of people who posted previously on my blogs. Some are not annonymous. And since I messed my own Google sign-in name, my own posts to my other blog have a different identity.

I don't like it that now when I click on Google, I'm signed in to that...for the WHOLE computer, ie, other users.

k baxter packwood said...

the other thing I dislike is there's no way for me to manually publish my blog anymore, therefore it's NOT showing up in any of the blog feeds I subscribe to!