Wednesday, April 30, 2008

which one???

This caramel colored fabric is the same piece of fabric that is a couple of posts down. It is cutch dyed and then compost dyed smooth silk dupioni fabric. The center piece fabric is compost dyed, screen printed, and rust dyed silk chiffon.

This photo the background fabric is crinkled silk haboti that was bound resist dyed first with indigo and then overdyed with osage orange. I only have one of the center piece fabric, maybe neither piece fabric is right for the center?
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---nan said...

To me, the center looks best on the caramel colored piece - it makes the other one wash out too much. I'm not sure I'd leave the "center" as a whole - what if you cut it into sections and spaced it out? As a 2X2 or as 3 stacked strips? If you're handy with photoshop you could monkey around with that and see how it works. The caramel piece would be a good candidate for reverse applique, too - put something behind it to let the caramel stay whole, while adding another design element. Just a couple of thoughts.

Deb Lacativa said...

I've been working whole cloth for a while and gradually coming around to color field design. One of the problems I've encountered is a lack of value range. What I think happens is that we find one or two fabrics that we just can't cut into and want to make them work together in a composition. I think what has happened is that we tend to gravitate to similar values as much as colors just because it's what we like. You have to force yourself outside of your usual comfort zone a bit. Just a look back from where I've been recently.

ann said...

I LOVE the brown center. I think a whole cloth stitched with a deep brown would look wonderful.. Love the fabric.

Kathy said...

I love seeing them together and would sew them together maybe with an 8 or 12 inch "stripe" between them and do one big wholecloth quilt of these 2 pieces, perhaps putting the contrast squares on opposite ends, as a sort of contemporary elegant chief's blanket. (Technically I think the stripes run shoulder to shoulder on a chief's blanket and longwise on a "commoner" blanket, but what is that called? A Commoner's Blanket? That vertical stripe panel thing is what might look nice.) I tend toward functional, which is risky with silk, but would line a piece like this, do a bunch of machine quilting with a thin light batting and display it on the sofa. Both pieces are just gorgeous!

MODERATOR: Dena Crain said...

The two fabrics work well together. I would prefer an asymmetrical setting, but perhaps you hadn't got that far when you posted this photo. Also, the work, in my opinion, will need something really dark and something really like to make it "sing."

Lovely fabrics, Kim!!!