Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Flood Warnings Again

I'm in prep mode right now, picking everything up off of my basement studio floor in anticipation of the coming flood waters. Maybe it won't get so bad this time??? Then again I could be wrong the ground is super saturated here, the rivers are quite high and there's not a whole lot of places left for the water to go, except into basements etc.,

So prep I must. Granted it doesn't get deep here, six inches in the one corner, but it's still a pain cleaning everything. I'm debating cleaning the floor in advance, less surface dirt means less dirt afterwards right? Maybe, so long as the sewer doesn't back up into the house, again, which is what the problem has been.

More later from the land of Flood.

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Joyce Teal said...


Just wanted to respond to you from the QA list about relocating. Originally from the Boston areak, I relocated to Chattanooga, TN in 1994 when I divorced. For the most part it is wonderful! It has a very strong art community (we have an ARTSMOVE project that provides forgivable mortages for artists,) lots of galleries, and a fairly supportive community. Our government actually allows $100,000 a year for public art!! You can check out the community at these websites:;; www.chattanooga; or just google Chattanooga, TN and see what comes up.

There is no snow (if there is, everything shuts down,) we are on the TN river so we do have humidity but it's not as bad as say Florida or Mississippi, centrally located (2 hours to Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, and Birmingham), Melody Johnson just relocated to Palmer, TN last year which is about 45 minutes north of here. Very rural. If your hubby is looking for work in transportation, we have CARTA. He could drive a typical diseil powered bus or one of our electric buses! They are great fun to ride in and will take you all over downtown. You are welcome to come visit,,,,the door is usually unlocked (I lose my keys alot) and I've got a ton of QA friends here that would love to hang out for a day. See in Chattanooga, TN!!