Monday, April 06, 2009

Coneflower No. 2

Coral Coneflower it needs something what??? I'm debating a grain bin or maybe some bison, hmmm how about some bison trapped in a grain bin???? Now that WOULD be the statement that some are dyeing for me to make ;-)
4x6 inches
Compost Dyed Cloth, Natural Dyes, Timtex Core, Machine Stitched, Black Cotton Cloth Backing Fabric.


norma said...

i like these little line drawings. Do you mark them first on your fabric, or just go for it?

k baxter packwood said...

I have a sketch book to reference to I don't mark the fabric. I work around the markings on the fabric from the compost and rust dyeing techniques.

Virginia said...

I love these thread sketches. I'm impressed that you don't mark at all -- that you just draw on the machine. Takes guts!
The top coneflower needs balance -- it is weighted too heavily to the bottom. The 2nd coneflower, although it is fairly similar, is weighted properly because you used black thread on the flower. IMHO -- FWIW