Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wet Studio Clean Up

In the boxes Printing blocks, old printers letters, inks, stencils, and fabric paints. Sinew and rawhide for basketry and other 3D fiber projects on top of the shelf.

Collage items on the wooden shelf.

Basketry materials, fibers for dyeing and pfd fabrics for dyeing and painting! And the obligatory surface design supplies: rollers, stamps, sponges, squeegies, etc.

Wire cages/boxes I'm not really sure what they are called they are really convient for corralling lots of little things. I'm hoping by tomorrow I'll be able to stand on the far side of my studio and see across the room! Right now it's looking pretty bad.


Anabela said...

Where did you get those? We have been looking for storage solutions for my daughters' toy room & that would be PERFECT!!!

k baxter packwood said...

I believe you can purchase these at Target or WalMart, I've never seen them at KMart. John picked them up for me several years ago at the beginning of the school year (live in a big university town) and I have no idea where they came from now.

I do remember that they were inexpensive! I think he bought a total of five boxes for me, mine are all stuffed with various fibers and sheep fleeces.

k baxter packwood said...

A suggestion if you purchase these is to buy about 500 small zip ties!!! Seriously the buggers won't stay together, well if your me and you want oto move them around. Anyway, we assembled them as directed and then secured them with zip ties, it took a LOT of zip ties and a pair of needle nose pliers to get them really tight, but I can move these units around w/o any issues.