Thursday, July 23, 2009

About Selling Natural Dyes

Seems that there is some confusion or maybe some outright shit stirring (some folks just can't seem to help themselves) I'm not quite sure... but FYI I quit selling Natural Dyes, etc., two years ago.

About two years ago I simply grew tired of filling little bottles with natural dye materials, labeling them, shipping them out and making zero profit! Couple that with the fact that the sole North American supplier of Natural Dyes, Roger at Alliance Imports, passed away unexpectedly in March of 2006, the source for natural dyes dried up. For a moment we considered expanding and getting into the import export business. After much thought I decided to take this as a cue and exhausted from filling jars and trying to dye fabric at the same time, I bowed out of the industry.

So where are the Natural Dyes??? Try Google it's your friend!


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india said...

the answer to that [for me, anyway] is that natural dyes are all around us...
most plants will give some sort of colour
and it's just a matter of making an educated decision as to which ones to start with, out of the 300,000 species in the whirled...