Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Image Transfers with Hand Sanitizer

Image transfers using the hand sanitizer (alcohol) method.  The hand sanitizer I used was the Sam's Club, Members Mark, sanitizer as I was out of Purell.  I didn't notice any difference between it and the Purell Brand.  I printed the transfers onto Hammermill Transparencies and did the transfer onto 90# watercolor paper. The color was applied with Caran D'Ache NeoColor II watersoluble crayons.

Print your image onto the transparency sheet.
Liberally apply hand sanitizer to the watercolor paper NOT the transparency sheet, using a cotton ball.
Flip your image onto the soaked paper.
Using a spoon or burnisher rub the image onto the paper below.
NOTE:  If your paper is fairly wet and your image fresh you won't have to do much rubbing to transfer the image.

Clip Art Imagery


Carole said...

Hi Kimberley... I like the look and sound of this. Can I do this with inkjet or does it still need to be laser print?

k baxter packwood said...

My printer is an inkjet printer, I'm using an Epson NX415.

To print on transparencies just go into prefrences and click on paper type and then click on glossy photo. Doing this slows the print job way down so that the printer doesn't jam.

Hope this helps.

k baxter packwood said...

I forgot to add that you may need to back your transparency sheet with a piece of typing paper, just use double stick tape to keep them together.

Carole said...

Thank you for that... I will try it when I get a chance.

Dotti said...

Thanks for the hand sanitizer tutorial. Love your blog. Found you in the Inkjet Transfer group!

k baxter packwood said...

Your welcome ;-)

michel said...

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Gunnel Hag said...

This looks great! Have you tried it using hand sanitizer to transfer onto fabric?

k baxter packwood said...

Hi Gunnel,

Yes I tried on fabric but it was Kona's heavy duty white quilting fabric so ended up grainy. It transferred very well inspite of the heavy fabric grain. A much tighter weave fabric would produce a cleaner image.

Sue Andrus said...

I need to give that a try... I have some transparencies and have played in other ways... This sounds super easy! Thanks for the info!!