Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tags and Sequin Stuff

Sequin Tape, now what to do with this glorious stuff! Brenda has some copper stuff that she's going to share with me, seems I remember seeing some purple stuff - oh yeah it was sent to me for my pieces I'm making on my mother... what a good place to use this glorious material. I think Beaney and Littlejohn laid it down and stitched threads through the holes, I could be wrong though.

Some tags I'm working on, they are very large and I'm putting them in a book that I'm making about Barley.

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Linn said...

Hi there - what you have is sequin waste/tape. What's left after sequens are punched out of the material by a die press.

You can do some great things with it by cutting it into interesting bits and attaching it with surface stitches, using it in fringes like beads - you get the idea.