Sunday, March 12, 2006

And yet another storage idea, hate those little tins everything comes in? Cigar boxes baby! I was going to alter this one hence it's wood. I still may do so, in another life time maybe. You can pick up the board boxes for really cheap, paint and deco them to make them look nicer, and less like a cigar box. I'm smitten with covering them with finely printed papers that I've manipulated in Photoshop. Posted by Picasa


teri springer said... where does one find wooden cigar boxes, sans cigars?? I need about 2 dozen for a workshop I am teaching this summer.


k baxter packwood said...

I bought them at a local tobacco store. They range in prices from $3.00-9.00 Mine were $6.00 each

You can find them on ebay as well.